Who we are

We are the largest privately owned and independent plasma fractionator in the world.

Family-owned since being established in 1983, Octapharma is a global healthcare company headquartered in Lachen, Switzerland. Our products are available in 118 countries and reach hundreds of thousands of patients every year. We focus on three therapeutic areas: haematology, immunotherapy and critical care.

Octapharma is one of the largest human protein product manufacturers. We develop and produce medicines based on human proteins from human cell lines and human plasma, sourced from our own plasma donation centres and other external sources.

Working at Octapharma

Octapharma focuses on long-term success and recognises the value of teamwork. We have a multicultural working environment filled with highly engaged people of diverse backgrounds and talents. Our five company values are: Ownership, Integrity, Leadership, Sustainability and Entrepreneurship. We aspire to embody these values in everything we do, every day.

In numbers

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State-of-the-art manufacturing sites

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The Octapharma Vision

“Our passion drives us to  provide new health solutions  advancing human life.  This is our vision and it serves as our navigational reference point.”

Wolfgang Marguerre

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
of the Octapharma Group

The Octapharma mission

“Our mission is ‘for the safe and optimal use of human proteins’  and we continue to invest in  sustainable growth to help even more people in need.”

Tobias Marguerre

Managing Director, 
Octapharma Nordic AB

The Octapharma values

​The five company values – ​Ownership, Integrity, Leadership, ​Sustainability and Entrepreneurship ​– guide all our decisions and actions.


Since 1983, we have imagined a healthier, better world, believing that together we can invest to make a difference in people’s lives. In 2018, we celebrated 35 years of commitment.

Annual Report

The Annual Reports provide a comprehensive overview of Octapharma, explaining who we are and what we do, as well as highlighting our progress against our strategic priorities and financial results.